High Power Rifle League

High Power Rifle prone

When: Second (2nd) Sunday of each month. Set-up Begins at 8:45AM

Where:Albuquerque Shooting Range Park, (505-836-8785) Take exit 149 from I-40, go north about 4.3 miles to turnoff, then west for about 3.7 miles to the Park.  

Description: NRA High Power Rifle match, all stages shot at 100 yards. 

A perfect target at 100 yards! 20 10’s and 6 X’s

Course of fire  –  Match is eighty (80) shots for record at 100 yards.  Before each stage, shooters will have a two (2) minute period to fire two sighting shots.  

Stage 1 –  Standing, 20 record shots, slow fire, SR-1 target

Stage 2 –  Sitting, 20 record shots, rapid fire, SR-1 target

Stage 3 –  Prone, 20 record shots, rapid fire, SR-21 target

Stage 4 –  Prone, 20 record shots, slow fire, MR-31target

Garand and 03-A3-type firearms will use the SR-1 target for all stages.

Firearms and Classifications:  Current NRA high power rules apply. Accommodations will be made as much as possible to encourage participants to use any safe, military-type firearm (to include modern optics, etc) that will fit the course of fire outlined above.

Already have NRA High Power rifle classification: Bring your equipment and plan to shoot.

New HP Rifle Shooters: The match format and distance are ideal to introduce new high power rifle shooters (including juniors) to the sport in a disciplined, safe way.  Assistance/coaching is available at no charge. 

After the match:  Match usually ends about noon. We have lunch together at an Albuquerque restaurant. For new shooters, this is a good time to ask questions and get more information.

For further information, please contact our High Power Rifle Secretary via our contact form.

High Power Rifle standing

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Last modified: July 19, 2021

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