Small Bore Rifle League

Small Bore Rifle


Albuquerque Shooting Range Park (ASRP)

Phone: (505) 836-8785  

16001 Access Rd. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120


Everyone must comply with all Park rules and with instructions of the ASRP Manager and staff.  Firearms may not be brought to the firing line until the match director has called the line hot.  All firearms, cased or not, must be carried straight up between the line and your vehicle. 


First Saturday of Every Month


Albuquerque Shooting Range Park, (505-836-8785)  Take exit 149 from I-40, go north about 4 miles to turnoff to ASRP, follow pavement west until you reach the range.


Registration begins at 0900.  Firing starts at 0930.

Registration Procedure

First, pick up a target frame. Come to the 100 yard range immediately east of the range house for the match.  Please sign in on the match/league signup sheets.  When the line at the Range Office has dwindled to a reasonable length please sign in and pay the Park fee (separate from league fees).  Print your name on the back of your receipt. The match director will collect receipts. Firing will begin when all competitors are signed in and ready to fire.


Match fee is $1.  There is no league fee.


SGC members are covered by the Club’s insurance.  Non-members pay an additional one dollar ($1.00) per match fee to register as a SGC “match member.”  


Current NRA Conventional Smallbore Prone rifle rules will apply (league is not NRA approved). Additionally, an F-Class or Unlimited Rifle category has been created, though scores fired by shooters in this unsanctioned category will not be turned in to the NRA, and they will not compete directly with shooters using complying equipment. Any safe .22 caliber rimfire rifle may enter the F-Class category. Telescopic sights may be used for all stages, and rests and sandbags will be allowed. Please contact the match director if you have questions.

Course of Fire

Match will be conducted at 50 and 100 yards.  Match is one-hundred twenty (120) shots for record.  Time is 20 minutes per target card (20 shots), including unlimited sighters during that period.

  • Stage 1 –  40 record shots, 50yds, iron sights (50 meters reduced, target A51)
  • Stage 2 –  40 record shots, 100yds, iron sights (100 meters, target A-33)
  • Stage 3 –  20 record shots, 100yds, any sights + 20 record shots, 50yds, any sights (Dewar) (50 meters reduced, target A51, 100 meters, target A-33)


No awards will be given.

Targets And Frames

The league will provide a target frame and targets (A-51 and A-33).  Participants may provide any special frames they require.  Participants will need their own stapler and staples and tape or clips to secure targets to frames on windy days.


Please contact our Small Bore League Secretary via out contact form.

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Last modified: July 19, 2021

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