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The 70th Anniversary Gun

During the year 2016, Sandia Gun Club celebrates its 70th Anniversary. The Club was founded on the grounds of the Sandia Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1946. The Sandia Base was, from 1946 to 1971, the principal nuclear installation in the United States of America.

In order to properly celebrate its Anniversary, our Club has issued two new patches: 

double logos copy
The newly issued patches

The current patch with Zia Pueblo Sun and a target, which has been in use since the nineties (top) and a celebratory patch that contains the original logo in use in 1946 (bottom). The nuclear mushroom reminds everybody that the Club had its roots in the Sandia Base.

If you would like to purchase any of our anniversary patches, please contact our Secretary.

However, we felt that 2016 had to be a truly memorable year. 

The President and the Board, thus, commissioned from Larry Malin Custom Gunsmithing the “Anniversary Gun”.  Larry Malin, a gunsmith extraordinaire of national renown, is a member of the Club and current Executive Officer. It is rumored that Malin’s custom competition guns shoot more accurately than the ones by another well-known gunsmith whose last name starts with a C.

The Anniversary Gun will be a custom 1911, designed for accuracy with semi-wadcutter bullets. It will be raffled during the 2016 New Mexico State Outdoor Pistol Championship, held at the Albuquerque Shooting Range Park on October 1 & 2, 2016. Raffle tickets are $20.00 for one ticket, $100.00 for six. Please contact our Secretary for your ticket purchases. 200 tickets will be sold. Federal and State firearm transfer laws and regulations apply. The winner must be able to pass NCIC background checks, if the gun is delivered in New Mexico. If the gun is to be delivered to another State, shipment to an FFL holder will be required.  

The Anniversary Gun has an estimated value of $3,500.

Larry will periodically update us on  the construction of this masterpiece. Contact our Executive Officer to order your own custom competition gun.

In the first installment of the story of the Anniversary Gun, we will review parts and Larry’s plans for the gun.

 A Marvel scope slide mount will be used, with internal cartridge brass deflector, and altered to attach the Ultra Dot sight to the slide.  In order to minimize the mass of the slide, the Marvel mount will not be full length.

The slide will be skeletonized to reduce weight.  It will have an external extractor that will increase reliability and lessen maintenance needed to obtain proper tension. 

Breech face and cartridge guides will be polished for reliability. Slide lugs including internal bearing surfaces will be polished for reliability.

Firing pin stop will be cross polished along with the  cartridge guide.

Contributing to slide lightning, “cocking” dimples will be milled into the rear portion of slide where serrations are normally located.

The frame will have a full length heavy dust cover for weight forward. The frame will have also a full length picatinny rail. 

Full plan details:

  • Fit grip safety – Ed Brown high grip memory groove – slide release is extended & checkered
  • Fit slide to frame
  • Fit bushing to barrel
  • Fit bushing to slide
  • Fit barrel tang to slide including upper barrel lugs to maximum engagement
  • Fit lower lugs including proper link
  • Crown barrel
  • Fit match trigger
  • Assemble and fit trigger related parts reducing take up (often called ”trigger job”)
  • Fit and adjust thumb safety
  • Polish and “tune” extractor
  • Polish ramp and “throat” barrel.  barrel has integral one piece ramp – better reliability
  • Test fire, function test, regulate reddot sight
  • Polish and finish

The Anniversary Gun will have both anniversary logos engraved on one of the slide sides. Custom engraving designed by Bertie Nicholson.

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